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About Us

My father, Jim Irish was a master craftsman and cutter of the finest miniature crystal who worked with crystal for over 60 years.

As the only person in the world creating handcut crystal in miniature he had to develop each step of the process along the way. Each piece was crafted from a solid piece of crystal and cut entirely by hand. Many steps were involved in the process to make each beautiful piece. Jim worked with full size diamond wheels used for cutting large pieces to make his miniature creations.

Jim continued to reside in Waterford on the South East coast of Ireland with Noreen, his wife of almost 52 years, until his passing in December 2017.

I am his youngest daughter of three and have a B.A. Hons in Fine Art.  I assisted my Dad in recent years, both in his workshop and at shows, and am happy to answer any enquiries you may have about his work.